Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Open Studios 2008

I really want to thank everyone who came out to the 303 this weekend. I figured with the election and market the way it is, people weren't going to be thinking about art, let alone buying it. It just goes to show how great of an art town SF is. Great party Friday! Thanks to SOMA FM's very own Megan for tending bar and everyone who tipped her. Thanks to Josh, Matt, and Dave for making the 303 a great place hang out. Most of all thank you Jennifer (my wife) for keeping on top me to actually have things ready for the weekend and for hanging in there while I got ready. I also need to thank Arcadia Custom Framing in San Francisco, so good to me, and the best framers in SF, maybe the world.
My son Dexter had a great time. He smiled the whole time. The whole baby mob was there. Sydney, Lucy, Max, and Wiley all stopped by. We had a special visit from the Drunk Lady that left by way of Ambulance last spring. She was escorted out before she could get a drink and able to leave under her own power. I hope she is OK. Elise from SOMA FM interviewed singer/song writer Django James on Saturday so he hung out. I wish I would've spoken to him. Come back any time. Anyway, I had a great time. Keep checking in and come out and see us when you get the chance. I'll be at Artist X-Change and the Alternative Press Expo in November. Cheers, Jason

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